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Dolly Dolly

Rugged moving and material handling rentals

Moving and lifting is much easier and safer when you use the right tools, and you'll find them all when you choose Royal Hawaiian Rentals LLC. If you are not sure which equipment is appropriate, our experienced staff can guide you in the right direction.

  • Appliance

  • Platform

  • 4-wheel

  • Tripod

  • Panel

  • Pry bar lever dollies

  • 2-piece piano

A complete range of dollies

  • Hand crank material lifts — 1000 lb. max., 12’ lift

  • Pallet jacks — 5000 lb.

  • Engine hoists

  • Chain hoists

  • House jacks — 20-ton screw jacks

  • Bottle jacks — 12-ton hydraulic

  • Moving and packing pads

  • Steel banding tools

  • Suction cups for handling glass

  • 12 foot + 16 foot ramps

Jacks, lifts, and other moving equipment

Delivery is available for most items. To learn more, please visit our Policies / Information / Links page.


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